Manufacturers proposed several measures to improve the sector
Sales in the domestic market have lagged, but exports have surged
Handling of dry bulk commodities fell year-on-year
Terminals in the Southern part of the Gran Rosario region saw shipment volumes increase
The state’s grain trader is tightening control on outbound shipments
The two countries will be establishing a shipping line between them
Shipbrokers recommend owners to increase their activity
The route will divert from a key road to improve traffic
The import duty would apply to imports from other countries as well
Shipments of corn fell in February due to logistics issues
Several companies will be investing in many ports around the company
A company will be performing partial operations at terminal in port of Açu
The company passed its state environmental review
Trade war has affected volumes, but the country still accounts for a large share of…
The two countries have also signed an finalized a MoU on Ports and Maritime Relations
Company has shelved expansion plans in Botswana
The company launched a tender offer that expires in May
The company’s first quarter output fell year-on-year
The company has signed an agreement with the Liberian government
First quarter rates show that new peaks are not in the horizon
The court has upheld a smaller regional tax
The company’s operations will be handled by DP World from May onwards
Shareholders and investments have signed an agreement for the port’s construction
The rates have been pressured downwards due to the iron ore seaborne trade
While Vale is expecting to restart operations, Australian companies are cutting production
Exporters will need a special permit starting June 1
The snowy winter weather has hindered planting progresses across the country
The Ministry of Commerce has been asked to send a delegation to the country
The severe weather forced the companies to curtail operations
Capesize rates will be affected by the decrease in tonnages
The handling of petcoke at the port is being inspected
Electricity and coal prices increased during March
Both values and volumes expanded year-on-year
The country wants to import less coal in 2019
Transshipment of bulk cargo fell marginally year-on-year
Coal export volumes at five year high in third month of the year
The deal concerns six of the company’s Ultramax vessels
The port broke a record that stood for over four decades
Brazil is set to impose a new tariff-free import quota
The country is revising its oil products export duty
The ministry has been issuing licenses to allow companies to export their products
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