BHP head says overall outlook remains muddled due to these factors
The port will be built on a public-private partnership model
The group is now the second largest shareholder in the company
The increase in yields offset the decline in harvested acres
Local companies have had issues acquiring grains due to external pressure
The company invested in cargo handling equipment and environmental protection
The company will be investing USD 200 million in the facility
The companies will be cooperating in several segments regarding iron ore supply
Stakeholders in the industry warn that increased tariffs could reduce ability to improve supply chain
Company’s thermal coal sales rose over 20% in Europe and Asia
Reserves in Taymyr hold approximately 5.7 billion tons of coal
New belt clamps are made from high-grade steel components
The final decision on the matter is yet to be taken
The countries have signed a deal that will increase shipments
The government is also moving forward with a railway expansion plan
Transshipment of bulk cargo increased year-on-year
The shipments are for delivery in the second half of September
Some commodities showed a higher trade value during the month
The port has opened new liner services as well during this period
The amount of investments in port projects has been on the rise in the last…
Overall oil export duty rates will drop from August
The coal sub-index showed the steepest decline from the previous month
The company achieved double-digit growth from Q1FY19
Losses in soybeans were offset by a record export of corn
The largest market during this period was China
Some of the projects concern connection with large ports
The company is betting on imports of the material
Manufacturers have called for the government’s help to promote cement consumption
Weaker demand levels to cause a drop in coal value
Private buyers have been suspended from making purchases from the US
Volumes inched up year-on-year but fell when compared to June
The transshipment of grain cargo increased year-on-year
Cargo loadings expanded between January and mid-July from the equivalent period of 2018
Handling of bulk cargo expanded year-on-year
Investors are looking at existing projects in the area due to high prices for the…
Company will invest from USD 80 to nearly USD 110 million in the site
The new terminal will be opening by February 2020
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